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Monthly Archives: August 2013



These Samlex supplies are designed for battery back-up systems and float the batteries around 13.4 volts. The equipment is directly bussed to the batteries leaving no relay failure point or inline diode voltage drop in this type of system.

15amp for the servers and 30amp for vhf repeater




BatterysBoth deep cycle SLA batteries are located in the crawl space. 105ah for repeater 75ah for servers.  Below are automotive fuse blocks I use to simplify and clean up low voltage wiring.






This is the finished Server that replaced a very power hungry HP DL380G5 sever. It’s a dual bios micro ATX board powered by a DC to DC 160 watt 12 volt power supply to insure long battery operation, 60 watt 3 Ghz intel duo processor, 32Gb solid state OS drive, AC power supply installed in case of DC-DC supply failure. There are many services running on this server, Virtual Weather Station, UI-View32 with add-ons as an APRS Igate and Digi, Icecast for hosting audio, kc7rjk/Rlocal scanner audio, and four instances of edcast to stream those and NOAA Eugene, and NOAA Florence to the weather radio network.




The small DC to DC supply can just be seen plugged into the mother boards power header.