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Monthly Archives: July 2013

PCirlp PCallstar


IRLP node 3543 Raspberry Pi system              AllStar node 29650 radio interface installed inside

The 12v PC’s draw very low power from a dedicated a battery backup system that powers the PC’s and networking equipment in a mains failure. All Three PC’s draw 6 amps at 12v under normal operation giving about 12 hours of battery time. The AllStar machine is based on a mini itx motherboard and a SATA SSD. Being fanless and with zero moving parts I’m hoping for years of maintenance free service, unless murphy stops by. The other is a Raspberry Pi computer or PiIRLP, it’s a great hardware choice for IRLP. This system also has zero moving parts and can be put together as seen here less the case for $70! The only thing is i wonder the life of the SD card… It’s powered through a 7805 regulator and salvaged micro usb cable drawing only a couple watts. I also used a 150K pad on the audio input, was a good value between the CM108 fob and Arcom controller leaving both adjustments close to union.

PCirlp2 LowVoltPCs